Congratulations on winning the MCU Award SC95F8617 in 2020

Release time:2020-07-01

       On June 28, 2020, Saiyuan appeared in Shanghai 2020 China IC Leaders Summit and China IC Design Achievements Award Ceremony, and warmly congratulated Saiyuan on winning the best MCU award in 2020 -- SC95F8617.

       It is reported that the summit to "China's IC" danger "and" machine "as the theme, invited China's semiconductor industry's most high-profile local IC leader, plan for China's IC design industry under global change the challenge and opportunity, and with the hundreds of senior design engineers, management elite and technical decision makers to discuss" Chinese core "breakthrough and the way of future growth. Saiyuan stands out in this summit. Saiyuan always keeps up with the market demand, insists on technological innovation, and continues to provide competitive products to enhance the value for customers.