LB1213 slidery wheel evaluation board


    The master adopts SC95F8616B double-module touchkey chip and 31-channel touchkey circuit with low power and high sensitivity

Function Features:

1)      Touchkey: Switch to display the key values on digital tube

2)      Slider button: Output 30 key values from three channels

3)      Wheel button: Output 100 key values from three channels


1. Interface Descriptions

Programming   Interface Signal

Function   Description


Target IC Power supply and GND


Programming signal interfaces, for accordingly connecting tDIO and   tCLK of programmer

2. Instructions for Function Use

1) Click TK1 to switch LED display mode on the slider, LED finger following mode or change the quantity of light on/off by following the finger sliding;

2) Sliding the slider can adjust the brightness of LED light on the wheel and change the quantity of light on/off by following the finger sliding;

3) The value by sliding the wheel or slider will be displayed on the digital tube, double click TK1 to switch to display wheel or slider value on the digital tube, and the wheel value is displayed by default upon power-on; 

4) Long press TK1 to control the switch of LED light

3. For details, refer to Descriptions on Development Board of SinOne LB1213 Wheel/Slider Evaluation

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